Clips, History & Context

Saturday 18/2 17:30h – Danspunt.

We have a couple of different sources to understand what blues culture is about. Oral transmission, books and some ‘rare’ videos.

In this talk some of your BCB dance facilitators will share their most interesting clips. Why? Both for the relevance of the captured dancing as the context of the footage itself: interesting discussions coming up. 

Al and Leon performing, and Muddy Waters himself doing a solo and grabbing James Cotton for a short dance.

Black Cultural aspects in the blues dance community: spotlight on women

Sunday 19/2 17:00hDanspunt.

In this panel conversation our black American dancers Katrina & Kenneth will discuss multiple perspectives on contemporary challenges in the blues dance scene. Helena will also join and share her experiences on investing in a local community in A’dam and travelling around for the dance. In this lecture we aspire to amplify black voices and people who are in the capacity to share from inside ‘the culture’.  

What do our panellists highlight as focus topics for our blues dance community? How can we take a black cultural context more into consideration? And what is the role and potential of women in this story?

With Kenneth, Katrina & Helena