We offer the possibility to enjoy live & dj music, meet your friends, have a drink or snack and social dance. Therefore we organise two areas at our party venue:

  • an outside bar where we follow the rules of the horeca (f.ex sitting in small groups).
  • an inside hall where you can social dance (with your social circle if you prefer). We follow the rules of sports events.  

The stage with live music will be visible and audible to both zones.

You can join Big City Blues for just 1 night. Go to registration page and select ‘requests’.

The Paradise Stompers with Olivier Vander Bauwede (harmonics & singing), Matti Mahony (guitar & singing) and Karel Algoed (bass).

No Red Coin (France)

Big City Blues Throw Down with Tim De Graeve, Karel Algoed, Bernd Coene, Tom Callens, Marc Demaeseneer, Marie-Anne Standaert, Niels Verheest