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Social & Sustainibility Fund

Our international dance scene is a wonderful place to enjoy life and express ourselves through dance. And we can make it better!

We are the most fortunate people on this planet. Even though sometimes it might not feel like that, let’s take a moment to show gratitude and to give back to the community, the planet and the African American culture that created this wonderful dance.

We invite all participants to contribute to the social & sustainable fund of Big City Blues. In fact, you automatically do, because €5 of your standard ticket price goes directly into the fund. We warmly encourage you to donate more, if you can afford it, and help us in making the Festival even more sustainable.

We work to make Big City Blues a more sustainable event.

How? By rethinking catering, creating a social and sustainability fund, working with refugees, giving some less fortunate locals reduced entrance to the festival, encouraging better ways of travelling to the festival, facilitating training and talks on African American art forms and generating positive and welcoming atmospheres during the event. Live long and prosper!

Open call for community leaders

This year, we reserve a number of spots for active dancers who have never travelled to a festival before, due to financial reasons.
We call upon scene leaders to nominate these people! 📣

We provide access to the festival including a track of choice for a symbolic amount of €50.
We will also do our utmost best to secure free hosting for them. 

Big City Blues believes in building strong communities and local scenes. The festival strives to be a place where learning, exchange and collaboration between hundreds of participants is made possible.
Have someone in mind? Fill out this form.

About the Fund

Where does the money come from?

  • All of us! Every participant of Big City Blues contributes €5 during registration.
  • Ticket prices are priced to be able to organize the event in a sustainable way. We offer a sliding scale for registration prices. If you are capable of giving more, you can choose to do so. Read more about the sliding scale on the registration page.
  • The organizer, LouisLou vzw (Upside Down) donates to the fund as well.

Where does the money go to? 

  1. Support dancers in vulnerable socio-economic situations or living in a country with lower economic rates. 
  2. Support NGOs that fight for our values:
  • Treelogical: Our easy way of travelling and consuming has a price and it will make us even happier if we take a moment to realise how fortunate we are, and if we balance out what we ‘take from the earth’. 
  • Collective voices for change: they address the issues of racial inequalities and cultural appropriation in the Jazz dance community in Europe and around the world. They offer a great forum to learn and exchange.

For example, last year’s results:

A total of €1485 was kindly donated into the fund, and the organizer topped it with €750.
This allowed 25 dancers in a vulnerable socio-economic situation or with a disadvantageous GDP to enjoy a discount.

In addition, we donated

  • €457,5 euros to Treelogical, for offsetting CO2 emissions with reforestation projects
  • €457,5 euros to CVFC, Collective Voices For Change, for actively fighting racial inequality and cultural appropriation within the jazz dance community in Europe and beyond

Distribution & processing

A minimum of 15% of the fund will be assigned to the aforesaid NGO’s. We will communicate the final results after the event.

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