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Attention: we are sold out.

Registration is no longer possible and we have closed the waiting list.

Thanks for your interest!

The partnered track and solo track are offered for multiple levels. To allow for a smooth registration and valuable festival experience, read the information below carefully to find out which description resonates with you most.

Across all levels

At the core of all workshops is social blues dancing. In the workshops you’ll explore individual expression with respect for the black African American roots and qualities of blues music and dance. Big City Blues invites multiple facilitators from the culture or facilitators who are guests with a humble attitude, working towards cultural competence. 

Partnered track – Jukers (sold out)

  • Over the last year, or over a longer period of time with less intensity, you have started to explore dancing to blues music or you have some experience in other styles of partnered dances.
  • You are familiar with concepts such as basic rhythm, open and closed position and basic concepts of leading and following.
  • You have started to express yourself while dancing in couple.
  • You already took some partnered workshops  or have been dancing socially from time to time.
  • You are eager to learn more about the many textures of blues music and dance.

Partnered track – Shufflers (sold out)

  • You have been dancing blues for multiple years, or for a minimum of one year at high intensity.
  • You’re accustomed to and comfortable with specific blues movement, lead/follow dynamics and rhythmical dancing.
  • You have been playing with some blues dance idioms such as chicago triple, ballroom stepping or Struttin’.
  • You feel the need to express yourself to blues music at home, in socials or at (inter)national events.
  • You eagerly want to grow as a solid social dancer and you are ready to dig deeper.

Partnered track – Draggers (sold out)

  • You are a solid blues dancer, dancing for more than three years with devotion, or even longer over periods of different intensity. You consider yourself an advanced blues dancer and are up for a challenge.
  • You’ve participated in multiple classes and workshops, and/or you are familiar with dance practice.
  • To express yourself beyond steps is a default and you are familiar with blues idioms such as chicago triple, ballroom stepping or Struttin’.
  • You have danced socially a lot and maybe you perform and have competed in the past.
  • You are keen to reflect on the deeper dynamics in the dance and your role in its culture.

Partnered track – Strutters (invitational) (sold out)

  • You are a seasoned and very experienced social dancer, dancing for more than three years with devotion, or even longer over periods of different intensity.
  • You are working hard to become a better dancer and more attuned to the cultural roots of the dance.
  • Possibly you are a blues dance teacher in your local scene and beyond. Or maybe you perform blues dances or compete.
  • You regularly train with a fixed or multiple partner(s).
  • You can reflect on your own dancing and you are aware of the rich palette of blues music and dances. You love solo dancing.

The Strutters track is invitational. This means we ask you to fill in a form with some questions and send us two videos of yourself dancing. The form is no longer available as this track is sold out and we have closed registrations.

The level is not an ‘absolute’ level, but will be determined by the amount and the experience of the dancers applying. After we receive all the applications we’ll update you in which group you’ll be registered. If you have doubts for this group in advance, feel free to contact us.

Solo Track – Stompers (sold out)

  • You have recently taken some solo blues dance classes and/or you have some experience as a couple blues, Lindy hop, latin or even as a Hip hop, contemporary dancer.
  • You look forward to work on blues fundamentals, expression, and rhythm.
  • You seek quality movement in the context of social dancing.

If you don’t have any experience in solo dancing but you are motivated to join, you’re also more than welcome. Just know that the tempo won’t be lowered to absolute ‘newbies’.

Solo Track – Groovers (sold out)

  • You already have quite some experience in solo blues dancing, and want to explore more.
  • You may even compete, perform or teach.
  • You want to dig deeper, question the fundamentals and explore beyond steps & aesthetics through finding a stronger connection to the rhythms, idioms and deeper (cultural) expressions of the blues.

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