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Thank you for joining

the 7th edition of Big City Blues!

A Fool’s Paradise

Save the date for next edition:

14 – 15 – 16 February 2025

2 days of dance workshops
10 international and local inspirers
3 nights of parties and surprises

About the festival

Big City Blues is a festival that celebrates blues music and dance by paying tribute to the African American origins of the art form.

Musically we only work within the scope of Black blues and Black American Music (BAM). We focus on expression, rhythm, (partner) communication, ‘blues’ philosophy and movement. You’ll be guided through different types of blues dancing that can be both raw and sensual forms of expression.

Big City Blues believes that if we want to grow as dancers and community members, we can also grow in understanding the context, culture and black African American roots of blues music and dance.

Therefore we invite a professional team of artists that are capable of guiding you in this process. These people are of African American descent or are guests in the culture with a humble attitude, working towards cultural competence.

The Big City Blues program offers partnered and solo tracks with 6 hours of workshops and 2 talks. You can add 1, 2 or 3 workshop(s) on top.

More info coming soon.

This was Big City Blues ’24

This was Big City Blues ’23

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