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Pick ‘n’ Mix Program

Included in your track is a Pick ‘n’ Mix workshop of 1,5 hours. You can choose from no less than 7 options. All workshops are open level and happen at the same time on Sunday March 10th, 16:15 – 17:45.

To balance participants and manage room capacity, we ask all track pass holders to reserve their spot by adding their name to the registration sheet. You can find the link in the digital booklet, sent to you by e-mail.

Idioms and solo dancing Kenneth Shipp

solo workshop

Location: Danspunt 1

This session will be about exporing different ideoms and how they can relate to solo and social blues dancing. What are certain steps, movement ideas that can be related with specific blues music, a certain period and context?

Sand Dancing and Fancy Footwork Charlley Ward

solo workshop

Location: Danspunt 2

We will examine pulse, isolations and footwork and use them to enhance our individual dance styles. We’ll learn the basics of Sand Dancing and learn its connection to the Piedmont Triple, and Texas Shuffle.

Claves Ursula Hicks & Felipe Braga

partnered workshop

Location: Expeditie Box

The clave is an exciting percussion pattern that is found in most Afro-Cuban and Latin music. But as dancers, we tend to ignore the structure of this hidden gem. Join Ursula and Felipe as we explore clave rhythms in blues music, and how it may inspire new ways of connecting movement ideas and shapes.

Doing the eccentric thing Sep Vermeersch

solo workshop

Location: Expeditie Studio

This workshop is about exploring some very specific and more ‘extreme’ movement ideas that push our choices while improvising. The ideas can serve both excited social dancing or a performative context. We’ll take inspiration from some clips and folks like Snakehips Tucker.

Back to the roots Nawelle Saïdi & Bruno Baker

partnered workshop

Location: Doxtudio 2

From the confines of Algeria to the Caribbean Sea, Nawelle & Bruno will share the precious musical and dance heritage that supports their explorations and their journeys as dancers

Sensual Blues Els Houttequiet

solo workshop

Location: Doxtudio 3

Together we’ll explore a more sensual and daring style of blues dancing. We’ll work on feeling confident while showing slow and smooth body movements. Inspired by powerful black women like Sandra Gibson, Katherine Dunham and Paula Kelly we try to find a sensual yet authentic way of dancing. Open for f/m/x dancers that want to explore their sensuous-self.

Body movement exploration Genia Tsvietkova

solo workshop

Location: Doxtudio 1

We discover isolation, different qualities and ideas on how to express yourself with arm and upper body movements. We will learn how to react on music. If we will have enough time, we will explore the hip area as well!

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