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*Option to donate more. If you are in a position of comfortable financial means you can choose to pay more. These extra resources will be put in the Social & Sustainability Fund. Thank you for your generosity and closing gaps in our community. This fund serves to provide access for people with fewer means. Resources that aren’t redivided will be added to our donation to Collective Voices for Change and Treelogical .

** If you can’t afford the festival because of being in a vulnerable socio-economic situation or because of living in a country with lower economic rates, you can ask for a reduction. It goes without saying that this is not intended for dancers who have already visited so many festivals so you cannot afford to join Big City Blues anymore.

In case you want to benefit from this reduction, you can easily click the reduction that you need in the registration form without needing to clarify anything else. We trust the genuine honesty of our participants. We will do our best to help until the resources of the social and sustainability fund run out.

You can find more info about the Social & Sustainability Fund HERE.

Terms & conditions

Registration rules

Do I need to register with a partner for the partnered blues track / party pass?

  • To keep the festival balanced, we welcome an equal number of leaders and followers. 
  • We encourage you to register with a dance partner. 
  • Single registration is possible, but you might be on the waiting list until we find a match. 
  • If you are a lead & follow, you can sign up as a switch dancer. If you do this, we expect you to dance 50% of the time in both roles. We believe that this is necessary to keep the quality of the festival high, and to make sure that everyone is having a good time during the parties.  
  • If you are on the waiting list and later on you find a dance partner, ask your partner to add you as his/her dance partner so you can be matched.

How to register?

  • Click on the ‘register’ button at the top of this page.
  • Login to your account or create on. Please note that if you register as a couple, each participant will need to create his/her own account. 
  • Select your Big City Blues ticket and answer our questions.
  • In case you register with a partner, add a partner by providing his/her/their email address. 
  • Once you register, we need some time to process the registration. It’s possible you need to wait some days before you hear from us.
  • If you’re in, you will be invited to pay with Visa, MasterCard,  Bancontact or iDEAL within 10 days. After one reminder, we’ll consider your registration not legitimate anymore. 
  • After payment, your ticket will be immediately and automatically sent to your email address.

When do I pay? 

  • Payment has to be done within 10 days after you receive the payment details. 
  • Questions or problems regarding the payment? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I cancel after payment?

  • If you haven’t paid yet, you can cancel your ticket by sending us an email. Please do, so we can give your spot to somebody else.
  • You paid for your ticket but you can’t make it after all? There are two options:
  • Sell your ticket to someone with the same role (leader or follower) and the same level and let us know.
  • Inform us and we’ll look for a replacement. If we find someone, we’ll refund your payment -15% administrative fee. If we can’t find someone to take your spot, we won’t be able to give you a refund.

You paid for your ticket but you can’t make it because of government restrictions due to covid measures? 

  • Write to us and request your refund with proof of changed measures and legal information. We will offer a 75% refund (minus administrative and back up costs with a max of €45) or pass transfer after we have processed the request.

Can we cancel the event?

In case of a Force Majeure meaning, we have to cancel the festival, we’ll partly refund tickets (see terms). Unfortunately, any other costs or related losses (travel, accommodation etc.) that the participant incurs due to cancellation, cannot be covered by the organisation.

General festival rules

  • If we have not received your payment within 10 days, your registration may be canceled in order to give other people the chance to participate.
  • If you have received a spot because you signed up with a partner, your spot is only secured if your partner has also registered and paid. If your partner cancels the festival, you will need to find a replacement in order to keep your spot. You can either find a replacement yourself or write an email to us as we might be able to find someone from our waiting list. 
  • By registering for Big City Blues every participant agrees to picture and video recordings as well as to the use and publication of such recordings for the purposes of public reporting on the event or of marketing of the services offered on our websites, including in social media. 
  • For the rare occasion of a teacher getting sick or missing their travel we might have to substitute the teacher in your track or we might have to change the schedule.
  • We reserve the right to change the time or location of the evening dances, and will communicate any changes on the website and/or social media Page.
  • LouisLou vzw reserves the right to prioritize people with certain profiles in function of our quota: amount of people flying in, ‘level’ of dancing, dance role, socio economic profiles and local versus international participants.
  • LouisLou vzw reserves the right to refuse admittance to anyone during the festival.
  • If you behave inappropriately (see Code Of Conduct), you may be asked to leave without any refunds given.
  • LouisLou vzw does not take any responsibility for incidents and/or injuries nor for personal items or valuables that are lost or stolen during the event. Look out for yourself and for others as well.
  • With your registration to this festival you accept our terms and conditions and code of conduct.