What’s it about?

Big City Blues offers 4 different tracks with 6h of classes, 1 teacher training, 2 talks and the option to add 1 or 2 optional class(es)


In the partnered track you have 7,5h of input:

  • 2 classes of 1h30 partnered dance, organized within your level
  • 2 pick ‘n’ mix classes of 1h30 (you choose a teacher/topic, these classes are open level) 
  • 2 talks of 45 minutes

In the partnered track we’ll focus on the earlier and more vernacular styles of social blues dancing and music. These styles mainly, but not exclusively, originated in two different types of dance venues: the juke joint and the ballroom or dance hall. We’ll work with both ends of the spectrum. The focus will be on expression, rhythm, partner communication, ‘blues’ philosophy and movement. Because your solo movement is an important aspect of partnered dancing, we offer the option to choose a solo class in the pick ‘n mix, included in your partnered track. 

For who? Dancers who want to learn and grow their dancing skills, insights and ways to express themselves in the context of social dancing.

If you want more classes, you can choose an optional class (solo or partnered) on Saturday and/or Sunday. 


In the reflective partnered track you have 7,5h of input

  • 3 classes of 1h30 partnered dance, organized within the reflective partnered track
  • 1 pick ‘n’ mix class of 1,5h (you choose a teacher/topic, these classes are open level) 
  • 2 talks of 45 minutes

In this reflective partnered track the focus will go beyond social dancing; think training, reflecting on your partnership, how to share the dance, what are our cultural limitations (facilitated by Katrina & Kenneth) working with blues dance. You are embarking on a more reflective and self aware growth process, with possible uncomfortable yet very valuable input. The classes can have other formats than the rather classical set up like: training challenges, self awareness games and group work. For most of the content you won’t rotate and you will stay with your own partner or team. 

For who? You are a blues dance teacher, facilitator, an organizer, performer or a dance partnership that wants to grow beyond social dancing. 

This track will only happen if we have sufficient participants. We will update you one month after registrations opened. Welcome for more info on this ‘new’ concept. 

If you want more classes, you can choose an optional class (solo or partnered) on Saturday and/or Sunday. 

SOLO TRACK (sold out)

In the solo track you have 7,5h of input:

  • 4 classes of 1h30 solo dance with 4 different teachers
  • 2 talks of 45 minutes

In the solo track we’ll offer a wide variety of social blues dancing input. You’ll be guided through different types of blues dancing that can be both raw and sensual forms of expression just like the music can vary from slow jazz ballads to uptempo or funky chicago blues. The inspirers will make sure you feel relaxed and confident while exploring how to express yourself to blues music. You will have class with four (!) different top-notch international inspirers: Arnas, ElsHelena and Sep. All with different approaches and topics. 

If you want more classes, you can choose an optional class (solo or partnered) on Saturday and/or Sunday. 


In the performance track 7,5h of input:

  • 4 classes of 1h30 in the performance track
  • 2 talks of 45 minutes

The performance track with Helena and Els will be all about you shining as a performer. Blues is not only a social dance, but is also a great way to train your skills as a good ‘mover’ owning rhythm, creative ideas and your way of expressing a ‘routine’. With Els and Helena, who are both very experienced performers, you are sure to have the finest guidance while having fun working on your ‘moment’. Both inspirers have a lot of experience working with groups towards a ‘show’ moment. The performance will take place on Sunday evening at 6pm and if possible a second round at the last party too! 

See these videos of previous performance tracks!

Helena for Big City Blues

Helena and Tyedric for Upside Down

Els for Crazy Legs


For everybody that wants more input, or for solo dancers that also wants a partnered class and vice versa.

We offer 4 optional classes: 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. You can register separately for this optional class. 


 We are super excited to have two African American Dancers coming over from the US, Katerina and Kenneth.

A unique opportunity to grow our local and European community. Therefore we offer an extra track focused on (aspiring) teachers and organizers. The focus of this extra workshop will be on holding space as a dance teacher, but in a way it will also benefit organizers or other active members of the dance scene who shape and will shape the blues community. We’ll talk about what blues dancing can be about, what are cultural important values and what is often overlooked presenting ‘the blues’. We expect people who have been working, studying and have an open and welcoming mindset for this session.

If in doubt, please write BCB.  

We’re experimenting with different payment systems to make them more social and economically sustainable. You can choose what you pay according to your individual possibilities. 


Big City Blues believes that if we want to grow as dancers and community members, we can also grow in understanding the context, culture and black African American roots. Therefore we invite a professional team of artists that are capable of guiding you in this process. During these sessions we’ll work with video material, having African American and black folks share their stories and we will offer the space to exchange.

We organize these moments as part of your curriculum at Big City Blues, not just as an extra.