For now, we don’t have an absolute beginners track. If there is enough interest, we may organise something extra. Please write to us if you would be interested so we can keep you posted.

Partnered track – Jukers

Over the last year you have started to explore dancing to blues music or you have some experience in other styles of partnered dances. You are familiar with concepts such as rhythm, shapes and connection, therefore you start expressing yourself while dancing in couple. You already took some partnered classes or have been dancing socially in the past and you’re eager to learn more about the many textures of blues music and dance? We are excited to welcome you to the Jukers!

Partnered track – Shufflers

You have been dancing blues for one to three years now. You’re accustomed to specific blues body movements, lead/follow dynamics and rhythmical dancing have no real secrets anymore, you feel the need to express yourself to blues music at home, in socials or international events. You eagerly want to grow as a solid social dancer and you are ready to dig deeper. Great! See you in the Shufflers!

Partnered track – Draggers

You are a very solid blues dancer, dancing for more than three years with devotion, or even 10 years with periods of different intensity. You’ve taken a big amount of classes and/or you are familiar with dance practice. You have danced socially a lot (if possible daily  ) and maybe you perform and have competed in the past. Some of you might even teach in your local scene. With this track, we like to challenge the more advanced blues dancers. In these classes we’ll pay more attention to details and more difficult exercises. We will also reflect on the deeper dynamics in the dance and your role in its culture. If you doubt this group, feel free to contact us.

Reflective Partnered track

You are a blues dance teacher, facilitator, organizer, performer or dance partnership that wants to grow beyond social dancing

This track will only happen if we have sufficient participants. We will update you one month after registrations open. Welcome for more info on this ‘new’ concept. 

Solo Track

You are comfortable with dancing to blues music and you want to learn more? This track aims at the more experienced dancers, but we invite beginning blues dancers that don’t mind a challenge to join in. Beginners will be able to join the solo track, but the tempo will be higher than what is expected in a ‘beginners class”

Performance track

open level